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“I’m absolutely in love with Forever Fit…”

“Coach Craig is real inspirational and leads by the best example. In 2010 I had a double femur bone operation and haven’t been the same since, well until I started coming to forever fit and now I have full range of motion and I am building all leg muscles all around my injury. Craig is very smart when it comes to the human body. My strength has more than tripled since I started coming here which makes a big difference in my everyday life.”

John C.

Forever Fit SCV Member

“I feel so so strong after 3 months at Forever Fit SCV. The strength-based team training is very effective. In addition, you get nutritional guidance and periodic in-class or at-home challenges as a comprehensive plan to stay fit.”

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more caring and truly dedicated to your success than Craig. He’s a positive motivator that always encourages you to “Keep Making Changes” by constantly challenging yourself. Whatever your fitness level or physical limitations might be, he’ll find a way to tailor workouts for you.

I initially participated in a 4-week challenge at an introductory rate, fully expecting to go back to my previous chain gym membership afterwards. Two weeks after the challenge ended, I had to go back. I just couldn’t keep building on the same results on treadmills, weight machines, and group cardio classes.

I’m very glad I found Forever Fit SCV. It’s been a great investment in my health and fitness.

Sue M.

Forever Fit SCV Member

“Great place! I would have to say 5 stars! See you there!”

Denise M.

Forever Fit SCV Member



“I have been working out at Forever Fit for over a year and I love it! I used to dread going to the gym. I LOVE my workouts now! A great coach, support coaches and the team approach all contribute to making the experience so enjoyable (yes, I am talking about working out!). Thanks Craig for working so hard to keep us working hard!” – Diana W.

“Forever Fit is a wonderful place to go to get great results and make positive healthy changes. Challenging workouts, expert trainers and a friendly community that offers encouragement every step of the way.  It is unlike any other gym experience; it includes nutrition info, strength training, cardio and more. I highly recommend to anyone looking to change to a healthier lifestyle.” – Kirsten D.

“I am so glad that my friend introduced me to Forever Fit SCV! Craig is an amazing coach. He is very supportive and motivational. The classes are so much fun and you get an awesome workout with amazing results. In my short time at Forever Fit SCV, (I started going in January 2014) I’ve lost over 20 pounds!! I have never been so dedicated to exercising in my life. I know Forever Fit SCV will help me reach all my goals!” – Jodie P.

“I was one of those people who said “I am never going to join an gym”.  That is until my daughter bought me a Mother’s Day gift of a trial membership.  I thought, OK…I’ll go until it expires.  Well that was a year and a half ago and I still going strong.  I love the coaching, the environment and the circuit type training.   I was very concerned about being injured (I am no spring chicken) but I have found that Forever Fit is JUST as concerned about my physical well being as I am.  All exercises can be modified at any time which allows me to concentrate on building strength, endurance and changing my body.  The circuit training is set up so that the high intensity/short burst workouts make me believe “I can do anything for 20 to 30 seconds!”  I have gained strength, endurance and overall wellness.  Its a great place to work out and begin to make positive changes!” – Shelley J.

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