Tax Day Tips…

Well, it’s that time of year again… Tax Day.

Is today a “good” day or a “bad” day?

I put good and bad in quotes because it’s really a matter of perspective.  The day just “is.”  YOU label it “good” or “bad.”

Not that I enjoy paying taxes, but I personally look forward to the day when I have to pay a lot… That’ll just mean my business is doing really well.  See, it’s just a matter of perspective… 🙂

Perspective is such an interesting thing, isn’t it?

I look at it (pun intended) this way:

When you change the way you look at things, you change the way the look…

Here’s a couple classic examples of perspective:

Which way is the box going?

What do you see in the second picture?

Go to Google Images for a bunch of other fun ones.  🙂

I’m also reminded of another lesson today:

What is truly important to you will generally show up in one of two places (likely both):

  1. Your calendar
  2. Your bank (or credit card) statement

It’s so true.

How you allocate your time and funds really does show what’s important to you…

I’ve seen this a LOT as a fitness coach.  People will often say paying a fitness coach or personal trainer is expensive…  My response is, “compared to what?”

Now, it’s certainly NOT my place to tell people how to manage their budget.  I’m no financial planner and it’s also none of my business, BUT as a coach I sometimes have to help people see the reality of their situation and change their perspective on what’s a luxury and what’s an important part of leading a happy, healthy & fit life…

For ME (not saying anyone needs to do the same), I’d rather INVEST in my health & fitness than SPEND money on a car payment, eating/drinking out, or lots of clothes.  But, that’s because health & fitness is more important to me.  That’s why it shows up a LOT on my calendar and credit card statement.

So, like I said, I’m NOT here to tell YOU how to run YOUR budget…

I’m just here to be a coach and maybe shed some light on it.

Is health & fitness truly important to you?  

Check your calendar and your statements and you’ll know the real answer…


Dedicated to your success,
Craig Shinkarik
Forever Fit SCV
Voted BEST Personal Trainer in Santa Clarita 2014, 2015
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