What the heck is “kid food”?

I’ve been helping moms get in great shape for a long time…

I’ve been asked time and time again for advice on how to get their kids to eat healthier.

This is definitely a tough one for many moms.


Here’s some of the advice I give:

  1. Kids tastes are constantly changing as they age so you have to keep trying.
  2. You can easily “sneak” spinach (nutrition pack greens) and an avocado (healthy fat) into a smoothie, while at the same time getting them a dose of high quality protein.
  3. Get your kids involved in cooking; they like to feel grown up.
  4. Start educating them as you learn new things about good nutrition.


And, STOP thinking in terms of adult food vs. kid food!!!
There’s just food vs. edible substances.  Mini corn dogs and “fruit” snacks are NOT food; they’re crap disguised as food for kids.  Just take a look at the ingredients list…SCARY!

I understand you’re fighting against marketing, school lunches, and what the other kids are getting in their lunch boxes…BUT, this is your kids health we’re talking about here!

I’m not saying you have to forbid them from eating Goldfish and Fruit Snacks…

What I am saying is, when you continue to present healthier options in different ways AND educate them about good nutrition kids DO respond.  I’ve seen it many times with Members’ kids at Forever Fit SCV.

By the way, if you think back to when you were a kid, you probably had two choices like I did:  take it or leave it.

Remember, YOU are in charge…

YOU do the grocery shopping…

YOU make the food…



Dedicated to your success,
Craig Shinkarik
Forever Fit SCV
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